Filling | vendl
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The overall dimensions correspond to the NRW-bottle. Hence the interoperability with your glas bottling plant is given. Only three changes in the bottling plat are necessary

During development, we cooperated with bottling lines manufacturers, breweries, retail and deposit institutions. This goal oriented process made vendl interoperatable with standard glas filling machines and standardizes retail logistics

  • 1 Compatibility with glas filling plants
  • 2 Fits into existing logistic systems
  • 3 Part of German deposit system

Bottle washing machine

Due to the low weight of vendl it is not possible to run through the bottle washing machine of commercial glas filling plants. The bascets have to be exchanged or the washing machine circumvented.

Centring augers

Analogues to every new bottle shape the centring augers has to be changed to guarantee a smoth filling process.

Neck ring holder

During corking a force of up to 3000 Newton is applied. Therefore a neck ring holder has to be installed to secure a reliable and safe closure.